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Paddle Cleanse Kit

Paddle Cleanse Kit


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Categories: Pickelball 

Brand: Clarke

  • Description

    The Paddle Cleanse Kit is a safe and easy way to keep your paddle looking great. Its products are designed to keep your paddle face and grip (not for use on cloth grips) looking as close to new as possible. The plant-based cleaner will help remove grit, grime, dirt, oils and more that accumulate on your paddle during normal play.

    The Paddle Cleanse Kit is designed for pickleball paddles and is USAPA-compliant since it does not leave a residue. By cleaning your paddle, you can restore the original texture to a paddle’s face that has been filled with dirt. Spray one side and let stand 5-15 seconds, then wipe off. Repeat on the other side and you are ready to go with a nice, clean paddle. Kit includes spray, microfiber cloth and scrub pad.

    The Paddle Cleanse Kit will not only clean your paddle so it looks good but allow it to play better, too.

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